7 Best Foxes to Keep as Pets

Fennec Fox: Small, with distinctive bat-like ears, fennec foxes are popular pets known for their sweet personality and vocalizations.

Red Fox: Not as commonly kept as pets, red foxes are known for their sweet temperament but have drawbacks like smelly urine and a tendency to dig.

Arctic Fox: Adapted to cold climates, arctic foxes may not make ideal pets due to their sensitivity to heat and strong scent-marking behavior.

Gray Fox: Calm and friendly, gray foxes are less wary of strangers compared to other species. However, they may still exhibit troublesome behaviors

Bat-Eared Fox: Native to Africa, bat-eared foxes primarily feed on insects in the wild. They can be kept as pets but require an escape-proof enclosure

Swift Fox: Rare in the exotic pet trade, swift foxes have a loving temperament and are less noisy than fennec foxes.

Kit Fox: Closely related to swift foxes, kit foxes form deep bonds with their owners and can be litter trained. They require a diet rich in protein and enjoy climbing