7 Best Coffee Concentrates for Easier Mornings, Tested and Reviewed

Jot s coffee concentrate is our favorite due to its flavor, pricing, and convenient packing.


A 24-pack of these attractive to-go cups has enough freeze-dried concentrate to make a 10-ounce cup of cold brew or hot coffee.

Prep the Squash

Brewmasters seeking sustainability, listen up! Pop & Bottle's organic coffee concentrate is next, with great flavor and variety.

Pop & Bottle

Although decaf coffee has fewer jitters, it still includes caffeine, which is bad if you want a latte at night.

Explorer Cold Brew

Besides the decaf, regular, caramel, mocha, and vanilla flavors contain 80mg of caffeine per serving, which is excellent for a 6-ounce bottle.


Cometeer's coffee pods are flash frozen and brewed by experienced baristas and delivered in a large package with dry ice.

Cometeer Pods

If you like mushroom coffee, you'll love Coffee to the Moo. The coffee concentrate in these sprayers mimics nitro cold brew, but healthier.

Coffee to the Moo