7 Awesome And Free AI Tools You Should Know

GFP-GAN — Photo Restoration

GFP-GAN is a free AI tool developed by Tencent that restores old photos instantly by merging info from two AI models to fill in missing details with high accuracy.

Copy.ai — CopyWriter

Copy.ai generates unique content for blogs, social media, or videos by providing a short description, making it useful for content creators needing Instagram captions, blog posts, and more.

JADBio — AutoML

JADBio is a user-friendly machine learning platform requiring no coding expertise, ideal for biotech and multi-omics, offering a lifetime free account for analyzing curated data.

DALL-E 2 — Image Creator

DALL·E 2 by Open AI creates realistic images and art from text descriptions, combining concepts, attributes, and styles, and is free to use with several inspiring examples online.

Notion.ai — CopyWriter

Notion AI creates content based on user requests, enhancing Notion’s note-taking capabilities, currently in a testing phase with a waiting list for new users.

Lumen5 — Video Creator

Lumen5 is an online video-making platform using AI to create video sequences from transcripts, offering templates and formats for social media, with an extensive range of images and videos.

Lalal.ai — Audio Stem Splitter

Lalal uses AI for precise stem extraction, removing vocals and various instrument tracks from music without quality loss, offering 10 minutes free and reasonable paid models.