7 Adventure Spots in the World for Extreme Sports Enthusiasts

Cave Diving, Yucatan, Mexico: For some dives, going into the ocean every day isn't exciting enough. It's really exciting for them to dive into the sea's tight caves in search of secrets that haven't been found yet.

Ice Climbing, Otztal Valley, Austria: Climbing an ice waterfall must be physically demanding. No fancy equipment—just two ice axes and you. It is a difficult, hard, and mentally taxing winter sport popular in Austria's Otztal Valley.

Paraskiing, Chamonix, France: Skiing would be a great way for the everyday adventurer to enjoy the beauty and charm of Chamonix. But for those with the guts, paraskiing over the French Alps is the best way to see the sights; only the brave get to see them.

Whitewater Rafting, Zambezi, Zambia: Whitewater kayaking in the Zambezi River is very exciting because of the strong currents, unpredictable waves, huge amounts of turbulence, hidden obstacles, and the thunderous roar of Victoria Falls in the background.

Skydiving, Dubai, UAE: Skydiving over Palm Jumeirah is one of the riskiest and most exciting things you can do. Jump off the edge of the cliff to fall through the sky at up to 120 miles per hour (193 kilometers per hour).

Dive With Sharks, North Queensland, Australia: Shark diving is not as scary as it sounds, according to divers. When diving with sharks, what if they attack? Expert divers and instructors say meeting these apex predators is manageable with correct protocol.

Mountaineering in Nepal: Mount Everest, the tallest mountain in the world, is in Nepal. What's more, 12 of the world's 20 tallest peaks are in Nepal. Since these things exist, Nepal would be a great place for mountain climbers to visit.