$6400 Subsidy Real or Fake: Is $6400 Subsidy Legit and All You Should Know About It

Videos circulating online falsely claim a $6,400 government subsidy for low-income earners, targeting vulnerable individuals.

Misleading Claims: Influencers assertthe subsidy can cover expenses likegroceries and utilities, but investigations reveal it's actually for insurance payments only.

Consumer Deception: Viewers cautioned against believing these ads, emphasizing the subsidy's limitations and the real intention to collect personal data.

 Urgent Calls to Action: Tactics urge immediate responses, discouraging verification from trusted sources and promoting blind trust.

 Public Awareness Campaign: Authorities and media outlets like WATE debunk the $6,400 grant as a scam, urging people to verify information independently.

 Influencer Alerts: Social media influencers warn followers about the fraudulent nature of the subsidy, advising them to avoid falling victim to the scam.