5 Old-School Skin-Care Tips From Your Mother That You Should Probably Ignore

Only Focusing On Your Face

For a long time, people failed to follow the most important skin care rule: don't just put it on your face. When it comes to skin problems like dryness, roughness, age spots, and lines, the hands and neck are the first places that show them.

Putting Vaseline Everywhere

While we can still agree that there are some wonder products out there that you can slather from head to toe with wild abandon—such as your mother’s beloved Pond’s Cream—petroleum jelly is not to be included.

Using Only Powder Products

It’s hard to believe there was a time when powder was the makeup of choice, no matter if you were watching your grandmother apply blush, brow tint, or foundation—all with an additional layer of setting powder.

Washing Your Face With Bar Soap

If you want to take care of your face, put down that bath soap. Sometimes, the chemicals in bar soap for the shower can be harsh and remove the natural oils from your face.

Avoiding Face Oils, But Using Suntan Oils

They are gone, thank goodness, the days when you could get burned in the sun without SPF and covered in baby oil. Just say it was because they didn't know how bad it was for your face, and don't pass it on to your children.