10 Ways To Fix Greasy Hair

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To get rid of greasy hair, you must first decide how often to wash your hair.

Reduce the amount of processed foods

Next, watch your nutrition to get rid of oily hair. Consuming too many fatty, fried, sugary, or processed foods may increase sebum production.

Make sure to stay hydrated

While the recommended daily water intake varies by age, height, activity level, and other factors, the general rule is 8 glasses

Wash hair gently and without aggressive movements

Cleaning your hair may seem simple, but the approach important if you want to remove oily hair.

Rinse thoroughly 

In a rush, we may leave the shower without properly rinsing our hair of shampoo and hair products.

Wash your hair with lukewarm water

Another suggestion from our professional experience: avoid hot water when washing your hair to get rid of oily hair!

Use hair products free of parabens and silicones

Parabens, silicones, and harsh chemicals can build up on oily hair and darken it.

Use hair conditioner properly

To permanently eliminate greasy hair, you must master hair conditioner application. After washing and thoroughly rinsing your hair, apply it when moist.

Use products for oily hair

Use products designed for oily hair, such the NuMe Vegan Shampoo + Conditioner combo, to eliminate grease.

Avoid over brushing your hair

Our next greasy hair advice is to prevent overbrushing. Brushing increases scalp sebaceous glands, which produce more oil.