10 Stunning Doja Cat Beauty Looks You Can't Miss

Ironed Apricot

Doja Cat's extra-long ginger mane at this event epitomizes her character-driven approach to beauty. It nodded to the red hair trend while staying true to her playful style.

Moody Mullet

This goth-glam mullet look combined jagged baby bangs, smokey eyes, and apricot-dusted cheeks, transforming a moody style into a red carpet statement.

Faux Freckles

Adding faux freckles to her look, Doja Cat paired them with a feline pull of liner and sleek pin-straight lengths, creating a distinctive aesthetic that's both natural and striking. 

Monroe Moment

Doja's take on Marilyn Monroe’s curls mixed with Madonna's style, showcasing platinum ringlets and a curving swirl of white liquid liner. 

Extra 00s

Reflecting Y2K hyper-stylized trends, this look featured spiky half-up peroxide strands, metallic lids, and frosted lips. 

Flippy Pony

Her flipped ponytail at the Billboard Awards 2022 was bronzed and classic, yet adorned with a gilded inner corner for a playful detail that tied into her overall look.

Grunge Glam

Doja Cat's bold choice to replace an absent brow with a silver stud, paired with a striped black pout and goth accessories, exemplifies her fearless approach to beauty experimentation.

Crimson Crystals

Featuring red body paint and 30,000 Swarovski crystals, this look was a standout at Schiaparelli couture, demonstrating Doja Cat's ability to merge high fashion.

Gentleman's Aesthetic

At a Viktor & Rolf show, Doja Cat sported extreme lashes, faux brows, and a trompe-l'œil mustache and goatee, showcasing her playful interpretation of masculine elements.


Inspired by gothic aesthetics, this look featured a cut-across baby bang and long raven mane paired with dramatic liner and lips, blending darkness with sophistication. 

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