10 Outdoor Summer Activities for Kids

Engage the neighborhood in a thrilling water balloon battle, perfect for summer fun. Consider team play or a last-one-standing format with easy-to-fill balloons, and remember to clean up afterward!

Water Balloon Fight

Create rhythms using buckets, pots, and other found items outdoors. Ideal for energetic kids inspired by outdoor music festivals, this activity guarantees loud, rhythmic fun.

Outdoor Drumline (or Band)

Freeze plastic dinosaurs in a large ice block for an exciting excavation adventure. Perfect for keeping cool on hot days, providing tools for chipping away to uncover treasures.

Frozen Ice Dino Dig

Set up an outdoor cleaning station with hoses, buckets, and soap. Clean family vehicles, bikes, or even pet dogs for a fun and productive summer activity.

Car Wash (or Dog Wash)

Establish a family tradition with outdoor games like board games, card games, or interactive activities like charades. Invite friends for friendly competition under the evening sky.

Outdoor Game Night

Visit local orchards to pick fresh fruits and vegetables. Enjoy seasonal favorites like strawberries, peaches, and tomatoes, engaging kids in outdoor harvesting and learning about crops.

Fruit Picking

Explore local zoos, petting farms, or nature centers to observe animals and their summer behaviors. Learn about adaptations for heat and interact with farm animals for hands-on learning.

Animal Adventure

Attend summer carnivals or fairs for traditional treats, games, and rides. Experience local culture with food specialties and family-friendly entertainment.

Carnival or Fair Visit

Craft tiny fairy homes using natural materials like stones and sticks. Add sparkle with gemstones or twinkle lights, fostering creativity and magical play in your backyard.

Make a Fairy House

Enjoy tossing a Frisbee for distance or accuracy at local parks. Explore disc golf for a family-friendly challenge blending sport and outdoor recreation.

Play Frisbee or Disc Golf