10 fun camping games for kids

Nature Scavenger Hunt

Encourage exploration with a nature scavenger hunt suitable for all ages. Adjust the challenges to fit the campground area to respect the environment.

Glowing Ring Toss

Create nighttime excitement with glow stick ring toss using large and small sticks. Customize the game with varying distances and point values for added challenge.

Camping Charades

Enjoy classic fun with printable camping-themed charades, perfect for engaging kids of all ages during downtime.

Camping Olympics

Organize a Camping Olympics with outdoor games like tug-of-war and potato sack races. Customize events to suit different ages and preferences, and prepare camp-inspired prizes.

Balloon Ping Pong

Set up an entertaining game of balloon ping pong over a picnic table using simple supplies, ensuring extra balloons for continuous play.


A straightforward card game requiring only spoons, cards, and a playing surface. Similar to Go Fish or Uno, it's easy for kids to learn and enjoy.

Camping Bingo

Play camping bingo using printed cards and scavenger hunt skills. Emphasize "Leave No Trace" principles by marking items without removing them from nature.

Park Ranger

Play Park Ranger, a twist on tag that enhances listening skills with elements like animals, trees, and boundaries. Instructions available for added fun.

Fire Tender

A quiet game where players sneak sticks from the fire tender without getting caught, perfect for teaching stealth and patience.

S'mores the Card Game

Enjoy the S'mores Card Game indoors during rainy days, offering fast-paced entertainment and memory matching with colorful camping-themed cards.