10 Cruise Complaints Everyone Is Tired of Hearing

There’s Nothing to Do on Board

Modern cruise ships offer a plethora of activities like shows, culinary classes, and adventure zones, ensuring boredom is seldom an issue for cruisers.

The Food is Mediocre

While not every meal may be gourmet, cruise lines have elevated their culinary offerings, and exploring beyond the main dining room reveals a variety of delicious options.

The Cabins are Too Small

Cruise cabins are designed for rest and preparation, prompting seasoned cruisers to spend more time enjoying ship amenities or opting for larger accommodations like suites or balcony cabins.

It’s Too Crowded

Peak season crowds can be managed by scheduling activities during off-peak hours and utilizing adult-only areas and quiet zones for relaxation away from the hustle.

The Shore Excursions are Overpriced

Independent research and booking of shore excursions often yield more affordable and personalized experiences compared to those offered by cruise lines.

The Internet is Too Slow and Expensive

Cruise lines are improving internet connectivity, though it may not match land-based speeds. It's sufficient for staying connected during the voyage.

There’s No Personal Space

Cruise ships provide various secluded spots like libraries and adult retreats for passengers seeking solitude away from busy areas.

The Itineraries are Too Rushed

While port visits are brief, they offer a taste of destinations, allowing travelers to decide where they might want to return for a longer stay.

The Pools are Always Full

Timing pool visits for early morning or late afternoon helps avoid crowded periods, and exploring the ship often reveals quieter pool areas.

I’ll Get Seasick

Concerns about seasickness can be managed with medications, acupressure bands, or natural remedies, with many passengers finding it manageable once they adjust.