10 Best Annual Flowers That Are Easy to Grow


These petunias are ideal for landscapes, offering outstanding performance throughout the growing season. They last longer, even into fall, and require no deadheading. Best suited for part sun to sun conditions.


A long-blooming annual that attracts butterflies and hummingbirds. Heat and drought tolerant, it doesn't require deadheading and won't become invasive.


Known as Superbells, these vibrant blooms add color to containers, window boxes, and more. Thrives in well-drained soil with ample sunlight.


Versatile begonias for colorful flowers all season, thriving in both sun or shade. They feature thicker stems, larger flowers, and don't require deadheading.


Easy-to-grow impatiens for shady spots, offering double blooms in various shades. Simply maintain moist soil and provide some fertilizer.


Vibrant spikes of blue, purple, pink, or white flowers perfect for sunny locations. Requires minimal care and blooms all summer without deadheading.

Pink Gomphrena

Whimsical annual flower that's heat and drought-tolerant, producing hot pink blossoms all season. Ideal for containers or landscapes.

Spider Flower

Thornless, seedless, odorless, and non-sticky cleomes offering all-season color with minimal maintenance. Best in full sun and can be trimmed back for new growth.

Canna Lily

Tropical-looking plants with bold foliage and warm-toned flowers, thriving in warm climates. Ideal for large containers or landscapes.

Large Firecracker Plant

Heat-tolerant and adaptable, attracting hummingbirds with its tubular orange flowers. Glossier foliage and better flower coverage, standing 2 feet tall and wide.