What kind of wasps are in Burbank? 

Wasps play an important role in controlling the insect population, but they can be dangerous to those who are allergic to bees or have weak immune systems. The most common wasps found in the Burbank area are: 

Paper Wasps

Paper wasps are not normally aggressive and won’t usually attack unless they are threatened. They make their nests out of dead plant stems and wood pulp, which is similar to paper, in a distinctive honeycomb pattern. You can find these nests in sheltered areas and tree branches. 

Mud Daubers

As the name suggests, mud daubers build their nests with mud or clay, and they attach them to walls, ceilings, eaves, or other structures, including under bridges and inside garages. They are not aggressive wasps, and they don’t normally sting people. 

Yellow Jackets

Yellow jackets can be very aggressive and may even sting multiple times. They often build their nests underground, but they also build them in attics, eaves, and voids in walls, as well as in other places above ground. 

Bald-Faced Hornets

Bald-faced hornets are wasps that make their nests from cellulose in trees, shrubs, or around buildings. These are aggressive wasps that can sting repeatedly and will defend their nests if necessary. 

How did I get wasps? 

Wasps look for areas where they can build nests, such as overhangs, ceilings, eaves, and weathered wood. Wasps need a sufficient food supply, which consists of a variety of insects and bugs. They also need a water source, so they could be drawn to areas of standing water. They are also attracted to debris, trash, flowers in bloom, and fruit trees, so it’s best to keep those away from your home.

Can pest control get rid of wasps? 

Yes, our professional pest control specialists are trained to safely remove wasps from your property. 

Our pest control specialists will carefully evaluate your specific situation to determine the best way to remove the wasps. This typically involves using some type of pesticide and removing any wasp nests that are attached to your home.

How much does it cost for pest control to get rid of wasps? 

The cost for wasp removal will depend on how many nests are present and how severe the infestation is, but in most cases, you can expect to pay an average of $155 to $540 in the Burbank area.

How does an exterminator get rid of a wasp infestation? 

An exterminator can use a variety of products and methods to get rid of a wasp infestation. These could include pesticides, traps, and physically removing the wasps and their nests.

How do you stop wasps from nesting? 

While you can’t prevent wasps from building nests on your property, you can do things to help prevent further infestations by making your property less attractive to them. Make sure that colorful flowers are planted away from your house, clean up any food crumbs or trash that may be around your house, and eliminate sources of standing water. After wasp removal, our pest control specialists can apply a product that will discourage them from returning.

What is the difference between wasps and hornets? 

All hornets are wasps, but not every wasp is a hornet. Hornets tend to be larger than most other wasps, and they have black and white rings, while other wasps often have black and yellow rings, but there can be a wide variation in their coloring. Hornets are very aggressive, but not all types of wasps are aggressive. For example, paper wasps don’t usually sting unless they are threatened.