What kind of rodents are in Burbank? 

The most common rodents in Burbank are:

  • House Mouse – These tiny creatures weigh less than an ounce, so they can fit into very small openings. These mice are nocturnal and can breed rapidly, which can quickly lead to a larger infestation in your home.       
  • Norway Rat – Also known as the Brown Rat, these rodents are nocturnal and enter homes through cracks or other small spaces. They are notorious for carrying diseases and contaminating food.
  • Roof Rat – Also known as the Black Rat, these nocturnal rodents are similar to the Norway Rat. They can also fit into small spaces, and they can carry diseases.·       
  • Opossums – Opossums are the only marsupials living in North America. They hang out in places under homes or in attics, and they often eat garbage or pet food.·       
  • Squirrels – Squirrels are notorious for getting into attics.
  • This can cause serious problems when they chew through wood structures or drywall.·       
  • Raccoons – Raccoons tend to get into attics and chimneys and are notorious for tipping over trashcans and going through trash, causing a nuisance for homeowners.·       
  • Gophers – Also known as pocket gophers, these animals remain underground for most of the time, and they can destroy lawns when they push up large mounds of dirt.  

How did I get rodents? 

Rodents can get into your home through cracks, openings, or gaps, and smaller rodents, such as mice, can get in through even very tiny spaces. Some rodents can also enter through drainage pipes or sewer lines. Sometimes these creatures are looking for food and water sources, and other times they may be seeking shelter. 

How much does it cost for a rodent exterminator? 

The cost for rodent extermination or removal varies greatly according to the type of rodent and the products used. You can expect to pay between $200 and $221 for an initial visit and trap setting for removing mice or rats and between $425 and $527 for larger animals, such as squirrels or raccoons. 

How does pest control get rid of rodents? 

The removal method depends on the type of rodent involved. Small mice or rats may require poisons, baits, or traps. Larger animals, such as squirrels or raccoons, must be trapped in larger traps and carefully removed by a trained pest control professional. Typically these animals are relocated.  

How do I rodent-proof my house? 

The best way to rodent-proof your home is to eliminate any potential points of entry. Seal up cracks and fix any gaps, especially around doors and windows. Large gaps can often be covered with sheet metal or mesh. Rodents are drawn to food sources, so you should store your dry food and pet food in sealed containers. Our pest control professionals can identify potential points of entry and provide you with recommendations for rodent-proofing your home.

What will keep mice and rats away? 

Mice and rats are drawn to food and water sources, so make sure your food is sealed and crumbs and spills are cleaned up. You should also remove any debris from around your home and trim your shrubs so they are a few feet from your house. If you have a woodpile, make sure it’s not up against your house. If these rodents are an ongoing problem, our specialists can provide safe traps.                                                     

How do I find where rodents are coming from? 

If you have a rodent infestation, check your home to find any gaps, cracks, or openings where they may have entered.  Be sure to check your windows, doors, and chimney as well. They can enter through any opening they can fit through.