What kind of ants are in Burbank? 

There are several different types of ants in the Burbank area. Common ants in Burbank are listed below.

  • Odorous House Ant – As their name suggests, these black or dark brown ants have a foul, rotting odor that is present when they are crushed.
  • Black Ant – These ants are small and they can often be found in kitchens and bathrooms.·       
  • Southern Fire Ant – These ants are native to California and other southern states. They are similar to red imported fire ants, but their stings are less painful.·       
  • Red Imported Fire Ant – These red ants can have a yellow cast, and males are black. They feed on other insects and dead animals. They also produce a painful sting and excrete venom.·       
  • Argentine Ant – these light or dark brown ants like areas that hold moisture, such as mulch and home foundations.·       
  • Harvester Ant – These red ants are drawn toward sandy soil for building nests, which can cause spots on lawns.
  • Carpenter Ant – These large ants create tunnels through wood. They are usually red or yellow in color, but they can also be black or brown.·       
  • Pharaoh Ant – These tiny yellowish ants are drawn toward food crumbs and sugar in kitchens.·       
  • Thief Ants – These tiny yellow-brown ants enter typically homes through cracks or holes in wood.

How did I get ants? 

Ants can enter your home through openings in doors and windows, cracks in woodwork, or gaps in your home’s exterior. Ants are attracted to areas where there are water and food – especially sugary foods, pet foods, and bread products. This is why so many types of ants are typically found in kitchen areas.

How much does it cost to have ants exterminated? 

The cost to eliminate ants can vary according to the size of the infestation. The average cost for ant extermination in the Burbank area is around $495, but you could pay a few hundred dollars more or less, depending on your specific situation.

Will ants go away on their own? 

When you have one ant, you will eventually have others, so the size of the infestation can grow quickly. If ants were drawn to an area where there was food left out or spills were left on counters or floors, cleaning up the mess may cause them to leave the immediate area, but this is often temporary. Ants will not usually disappear on their own once they are in your home.

What do pest control companies use for ants? 

There are several types of treatment options to eliminate ants, and depending on the size of the infestation, the species of the ants involved, and the areas affected, our pest control professionals may use liquid sprays, granules, foggers, baits, or dusts.

How do I get rid of ants permanently? 

Since ants are small and can enter your home through tight spaces, it is always possible to have a new infestation even if you keep your home spotless. In most cases, the best way to prevent ants from coming into your home is to use a bait system that contains pesticides that the ants will take back to their nests. Our pest control specialists can provide information on the best way to prevent a re-infestation. 

 Why are there ants in my room if there is no food? 

Ants are also drawn to water sources, so they can show up in areas with high humidity or moisture that has accumulated. They could also simply be looking for shelter or trying to escape the weather outdoors. This frequently happens during droughts and rainstorms.